"Resumes that Pop: Designs that Reflect Your Personal Brand"

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"The perfect resume," says author Pat Criscito, "is the one that fits the personality of its owner, tempered, of course, by the expectations of the industry." Writing and designing both paper and electronic versions of a resume, and using them to build a brand identity on the Web, are the focus of the new 4th edition of Resumes that Pop!, formerly titled Designing the Perfect Resume.

This book shows job seekers exactly how to create distinctive resumes that reflect the unique personality of their owners--their strengths, their background and training, and their career goals. A Twelve-Step Resume Writing Guide opens the book, outlining rules for creating the perfect resume from a rough concept to a finished presentation. Chapters that follow discuss different kinds of resume, including functional, chronological, executive, the curriculum vitae, and creative resumes.

Then, the author shows job-seekers how to create and use electronic versions of their resume, from e-mailable and scannable resumes to LinkedIn and Facebook profiles. Nowadays, job seekers should expect to be "Googled" by hiring managers before being called for an interview. This book helps readers manage their online reputations using blogs and e-folios at their own personal Web sites.

Nearly 200 sample resumes included in this book can be adapted and personalized to fit the needs of each reader.

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