"Interview Answers in a Flash"

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Are you ready for that important job interview? Interviewers are notorious for asking a wide range of questions, many of them surprising. This book tells you how to answer more than 200 of the most difficult questions and provides you with checklists to prepare yourself for the interview.

  1. Introductory questions (Why are we here?)
  2. Education and training questions (What have you learned?)
  3. Work background questions (What have you done?)
  4. Skills and competencies questions (What can you do?)
  5. Personality, values, and goals questions (Who are you?)
  6. Behavioral/Situational questions (Can you tell a story?)
  7. Homework questions (What do you know about us?)
  8. Job fit questions (Are you a match for this company/position?)
  9. Illegal questions (Who would ask these anyway?)

Pages are designed to be pulled out, selected, and shuffled according to your specific needs. Then, use them as flash cards as you practice for your interview. Sample responses, with space to customize your answer, on the reverse side of each card.

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