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Designing the Perfect Résumé
Personality  •  Industry Expectations  •   Design Elements
Scannability Considerations  •  Paper Colors and Types

Writing the Perfect Résumé
Award-Winning 12-Step Writing Process  •  Keywords
Power Verbs and Sentence Structure

Overview  •  Formatting Issues
Three Types of Electronic Résumés

ASCII Text and HTML Styles

Into the Future

Internet Job Searching
The Technology  •  The How To’s
Converting Your Résumé to ASCII Text
Hands-on Internet Searching

Scannable Résumés
Overview  •  Design  •  Process
Applicant Tracking Software
Job Requisitions  •  Keywords

E-mailable Résumés
Converting to ASCII Text
Importing into E-mail
Finding E-mail Addresses
Following Up

E-folios and Web Résumés
Who Needs One?
Contents for Various Industries
Design  •  Creating HTML
Professional e-Folio Services
Uploading to Your Internet Service Provider

Cover Letters
Letterhead and Paper Choices
Three Basic Parts  •  Tell a Story
Addressing Salary History/Requirements
Faxing  •  Following Up
Thank You Letters

Interview Answers in a Flash
Today's Expectations
Preparing for the Interview  •  Checklists
Answering the 200 Toughest Questions

Handling Illegal Questions

The Workforce of the Not-So-Distant Future
The Effect of Baby Boomers on the Job Market
Changes Employers Will Be Forced to Make
Beyond the Résumé: New Career Documents

Distance Learning
Overview  •  Accreditation
Types  •  Resources
The Future

Entrepreneurial Thinking
Starting a Business
Or Just Acting Like You Own the One Where You Work

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