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Yale University
"You successfully demonstrated that the seemingly complex world of electronic resumes is really quite simple."

Wharton Career Advisory Committee
"Our audience really enjoyed Career Management in Cyberspace."

Columbia Business School
"The information you presented was not only informative but very action oriented which our audience appreciated. We also felt your point of view on resume development was a great balance to topics the others covered."

Harvard University
"It is difficult to stay on top of all the new developments and monitor which sites are the best. You did a wonderful job at helping our students discern which sites are are the best."

Tulane University
"The Designing The Perfect Resume Seminar by author, Pat Criscito, was one of the most informative and enjoyable programs sponsored by our office."

Northern Arizona University
"Several members of our group commented how impressed they were with your presentation. We have made great use of your book here at Northern Arizona University and we look forward to reading your new book on internet searches and resumes."

Southern Methodist University
"Pat Criscito knows resumes! Her book Resumes in Cyberspace is an invaluable, timely resource for writing your own resume, or for those of us who advise people in writing resumes. She has pulled it all together."
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